About Us

We Are Universal Metal Products

 Established in 1971, UMP currently has 10 production lines manufacturing collapsible aluminum tubes used for packing pharmaceutical ointments and creams, toothpaste, shaving cream, hair dyes, glues, PVC adhesive contact cement.
Our exceptional experience in the aluminum packaging sector and keen commitment to our customers needs and expectations made us the market leader in our field.

what makes ump a leader in its field ?


–  ump focused on manufacturing aluminum tubes for over 40 years .
–  ump has 100% inspection on its tubes.
–  ump has exceeded the requirements of ISO 9001 and BS 2006.

Customer Satisfaction

– we treat our customers like valued partners.
– we offer door to door service.
– we visit our customers yearly to ensure client satisfaction.

Quality/price ratio

– ump does not compromise on quality.
– our raw material are of Swiss and German origins.
– ump is known to offer the best quality at the most competitive prices.